Silicon Valley Executive David Chen Joins THG Ventures as Venture Partner in the US

2017-01-18 10:43 · 投资界综合     
" It is my great pleasure having the privilege to join a highly accomplished team," said David Chen.

      Beijing, China and San Jose, USA (January 17, 2017) -THG Ventures, a leading venture capital fund in China and the VC investment arm of Tsinghua University, today announced Dr. David Chen as its Venture Partner in the United States, effective immediately. A former executive in the Silicon Valley, Dr. Chen will lead THG Ventures’ expansion to the global innovation ecosystem.

  “Leveraging the fast growing economy in China and the strong innovation base at Tsinghua University, the THG Ventures team has demonstrated a long track record of enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to build successful enterprises,” said Jeromy Xue, a Founding Partner at THG Ventures. “We are very excited having Dr. Chen as a part of our investment team. With his distinguished career in the Silicon Valley and strong connections with the worldwide ecosystem, Dr.Chen will help THG Ventures establish our global presence and extend our success beyond China.”

  “I am honored to join the THG Ventures at this exciting time,” said David Chen. “THG Ventures is at the forefront of innovation and globalization of the high tech industry. It is my great pleasure having the privilege to join a highly accomplished team in scaling THG Ventures’ current success to the next level.”

Silicon Valley Executive David Chen Joins THG Ventures as Venture Partner in the US

  Before joining THG Ventures, Dr. David Chen was the Vice President and General Manager of the Solid State Drive (SSD) Business Unit at Marvell Technology Group, a world leader in storage, networking and connectivity semiconductor solutions headquartered in Santa Clara, USA. Under Dr. Chen’s management since 2014, Marvell’s SSD business achieved significant growth and established a strong leadership in the worldwide market. From 2010 to 2016, Dr. Chen also served as the Special Assistant to the President at Marvell, where he was involved in key corporate strategies including mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Chen earned two Bachelor’s degrees majoring in both Electrical Engineering and Business Administrations from Tsinghua University in China, and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley, in USA.  Dr. Chen is the recipient of six US and China patents and an author of multiple IEEE journal and conference papers.

  About THG Ventures

  THG Ventures is the venture capital investment arm of Tsinghua Holdings Ltd and is managed by its investment team.  Headquartered in Beijing, THG Ventures has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan in China, and Silicon Valley in the US.

  The THG Ventures team has specialized in venture capital investments since 1999 and was also as known as “TusPark Incubator” and “TusPark Ventures”. It has formed a solid Tsinghua team culture and a unique investment strategy. The THG Ventures team has achieved impressive investment performance and created high returns for investors. It is presently a well-known venture capital firm in China’s high tech industry and has consistently gained support from limited partners.

       THG Ventures is established in 2015.  The current team members, however, have been working together for over a decade.  It is a spin-off team from TusPark Ventures and has accumulated a proven track record.